Why AudiologySoftware.com?


The hearing healthcare industry has never had a website dedicated to reviewing hearing office management software.


Choosing the appropriate software system for your practice is one of the most important business decisions you are likely to make.  However, hearing aid manufacturers, buying groups, hearing care journals, industry websites, consultants and professional organizations have never performed a comprehensive review of audiology office software choices.


That’s why we analyze the following packages:

  • HearForm Audiology Software

  • CounselEar OMS

  • TIMS software for audiology

  • BluePrint Solutions

  • Sycle.net software

Hearing office software suppliers have websites that may prove helpful, however every supplier, naturally, has biases and will present their system in the best possible light.


AudiologySoftware.com was created to provide transparency and details that many in the hearing healthcare industry have wanted to remain hidden.


Hearing office management software is something that should be considered very carefully. A wrong decision can result in not only the loss of thousands of dollars directly, but tens of thousands of dollars indirectly, due to poor productivity, staff retraining and most importantly, lost sales.


We’ve designed this Audiology Software site to help you make an informed choice, because the software you choose affects nearly every aspect of your practice. This site offers both an executive summary and a comprehensive analysis of each software package.


  • Host in the Cloud?

  • Keep on Your Desktop?

  • Recurring Subscription/Rental?

  • Purchase Outright?

  • Safety & Security

  • Back-ups

  • Cost to Benefit Ratios

  • Key Performance Indicators

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